Mobile Plant


Technical Data
Description Unit M2.5
Total unit    
Output m³/h 112
Concrete discharge height ( m 4.1
Operating voltage V 415
Transport Dimensions  
Loading height (m) Compartment 3.5
  (m) Inlinesilo 3.5
Loading length total (m) Compartment 16.4
  (m) Inlinesilo 13.7
Loading length base (m) Compartment 12.0
  (m) Inlinesilo 10.3
Loading width (m) 3.0
Control Unit    
Type   MCI 360
Mixer Unit  
Skid Standard
Mixer type   Twin shaft 2.5
Mixer driving power KW 2x37
Compacted fresh concrete 2.5
Dry filling 3.375
Max. grain size mm 63
Feeder Skip
Drive power KW 37
Medium speed m/s 0.5
Skipway m 10.5
Number of weighing cells pcs 4
Type of compressor   Reciprocating
System pressure bar 9
Volume of pressure vessle ltr 420
Cement weighing system
Weighing capacity Kg 1350
No.of weighing cells units 3
Water Weighing System
Weighing capacity Kg 680
No.of weighing cells units 3
Aggregate Compartment Batcher
Capacity m³ Compartment 70
Number of chambers   4
Batching gates   4
Filling height m 5.1
Filling width per chamber m 3.3
Aggregate Inline Silo
Capacity m³ Inline silo 150
Number of chambers + 5x30
Batching gates units 10
Filling   shovel dozer / feeding conveyor available for all
Filling height m 5.1
Filling width per chamber m 3.16
Width of belt m 1
Minimum transport capacity 500
Weighing capacity Kg 6250

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