It all started 75 years ago with the original Stetter mixer company and today since the merger with SCHWING the result is the largest mixer company in the world. Today well known SCHWING craftsmanship is applied to every mixer at one of our worldwide plants where certified welders and assemblers form and shape the products from raw materials chosen and inspected for their durability. Attention to detail means drum trueness within .125 of an inch that translates to balanced operation, smoothness and long wear life.

Our low profile design results in the fastest charging mixer and a smooth discharge ideal for flatout paving or low slump controlled discharge slipforming. And drivers report they can feel the difference of our design with 13% lower center of gravity. And you'll feel the difference too when you realize the benefits of this competitively priced mixer like faster load cycling, more deliveries per day and the longevity of SCHWING Stetter products.