The electrical and software components of Stetter batch control systems are constantly developed further according to requirements of modern Mixing Plant technology incorporating the latest technologies available in the range of hardware and software tools.

Electrical Equipment

The modular design of the control systems enables modifications for different customer requirements with a high effectiveness in cost and time.

The mainly features of Stetter batch control systems are:
  • Modern bus technology
  • Modularity
  • Robustness
  • Modularity
  • Integration of standard components (world wide availability)
  • Iintegration of calibrated digital weigher scales
  • Enhancement in mobility of mobile plants with pluggable cable connections

Control Software

The control software is seperated in a data administration (PC) and a process control modul (PLC). These two moduls are closely connected but nevertheless independant of each other. The data administration modul is running on a WindowsTM-based computer. It manages all the data of the database (order administration, mixed designes, plant set-up data etc.) The software for controling the plant and the batching and dosing software is implemented in a PLC. The most important features of the Stetter control software are..

Additional characteristic features are:
  • High robustness and reliability
  • Low wear
  • Extremely large grain sizes can be used
  • Very short discharge of concrete
  • When mixer is used as mortar mixer, a pole changing motor will be used.
  • Windows 2000TM
  • Different user languages
  • Networking
  • Networking with local EDP system
  • Controlling different plants with one database (MC400 only)
  • Plant depended statistics (MC400 only)
  • Parallel production of two different mixing recipes (MC400 only)
  • Storing calibrated data
  • Re-printing of calibrated delivery notes
  • ZTVK
  • EN206-1
  • Correction of aggregate moisture in the running batch
  • Correction of sand with respect to fine material in recycled water
  • Self correction of over running material with respect to filling levels of the weighers
  • Collecting all the weights of manual dosed materials