Mixing Plant Technology is plant technology for concrete production. Stetter has gained a 50-years-experience in this field. The individual components (storing of material, feeding technique, weighing, mixing technique and control technique) and their optimum adaptation to each other provide the maximum output for the customer. Especially large concrete plants requiring a very individual layout need a deeply based experience which Stetter has proved in several hundreds of installations.

Turbo Pan Mixer

Stetter turbo mixers guarantee quality concrete in all slumps. Our experiences gained in the field of concrete mixing for many yeras were trasferred systematically. Stetter turbo mixers mix intensively, material ways were optimized in the horizontal as well as in the vertical area. Homogeneous concrete can be produced with short mixing times. The springmounted mixing arms can be adjusted quickly and without any problems. Rubber sleeves provide for wear protection. Also plastic shovels together with carbidearmoured outer shovels can be used instead of standard mixing shovels made of special chilled casting.

The mixing trough is designed with changeable walls made of wear plates or ceramics. The mixing trough bottom is lined with chilled casting or ceramic tiles. The mixer can be equipped with up to three hydraulically operated discharge gates driven by the mixer drive; either designed as sliding gate or with newly developed discharge flap. The dustproof cover can be opened up to 100 % for maintenance and cleaning works.

Turbo Pan Mixer with Agitator

Agitator for using the mixer for instance in precast factories. It provides for a maximum of concrete homogeneity and best distribution of neat cement. To minimize costs, it is possible to switch on the agitator separately. The agitator can be attached to Stettter turbo mixers at a later stage.

During this new development, special emphasis was given on three crucial characteristics of the Pan Mixer:

  • Drive and storage of Rotor
  • Position and sizing of Mixing shovels
  • Mixing property characteristics in radial, vertical and circular direction

Twin-shaft trough Mixer

The twin-shaft trough mixer is perfectly suitable for high-capacity ready-mix concrete plants, especially for mixer sizes > 2 m³/h compacted fresh concrete. Thanks to its mixing intensity mixing times of < 30 s are quite sufficient.

Additional characteristic features are:
  • High robustness and reliability
  • Low wear
  • Extremely large grain sizes can be used
  • Very short discharge of concrete
  • When mixer is used as mortar mixer, a pole changing motor will be used.