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Rock Valve

Lower Cost
All concrete valves reduce from inlet to outlet but the rock body increases in size. But the outlet is engineered to be smaller than the inlet, so it is theoretically a reduction. Concrete, being a fluid takes the path of least resistance. So the combination of a larger body and a smaller outlet causes concrete to flow along the path of least resistance rubbing against concrete and not against metal which causes lower wear per cubic metre.

Periodic Hard facing makes the valve last forever The main advantage of the rock valve is its ability to be hard faced completely internally. The design of the rock valve enables this while the design of other valves prevents this. This means that the Rock can be completely rebuilt periodically resulting in the valve becoming good as new again.

Fuel Saving This valve system is completely free of internal restrictions. The lack of internal resistance also contributes to a smoother flow of concrete and this free flowutilises lesser fuel as well for concrete pumping.

More Power and Balance The Rock valve is perfectly balanced along its neutral axis. This means that lesser vibrations are transmitted to the pumping. This is especially visible in the case of boom pumps where other's pumps are seen literally Swinging while Schwing pumps are more stable thanks to the Rock and the outrigger system.

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