3 Cubic metre series


Technical Data
Description Unit AM 3 SH
Nominal Filling Capacity Litre (m³) 3000 ( 3 )
Total Geometric Volume Litre 6350
Water Line Volume Litre 3450
Filling Ratio % 47
Primeover Power KW 28
Drum speed RPM 0-12
Water Tank Litres 300
Oil contents of Gear Box Litres (App) 7.5
Oil contents of hydraulic system Litres (App) 19
Overall Length of Mixer mm 4600
Width of Mixer mm 2100
Height of Standard feed hopper mm 2440
Standard height for driving mm 3400
Size of mixer frame mm 150 X 75 X 6
Weight of mixer standard Approx. T 3.4
Weight of the concrete t 7.2
Gross vehicle weight rating D t 10
Weight of mixer accessories (Extension chute with support, ladder, fixtures) kg 50

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