Mobile Plant

M 1 / M1T

Technical Data
Description Unit M1/M1T
Total unit    
Output m³/h 56/53
Concrete discharge height ( m 4.1
Operating voltage V 415
Transport Dimensions  
Loading height (m) Compartment 3.5/3.69
  (m) Inlinesilo 3.5/3.4
Loading length total (m) Compartment 12.7/13.7
  (m) Inlinesilo 10.8/11.5
Loading length base (m) Compartment 9.1/9.0
  (m) Inlinesilo 8.1/7.7
Loading width (m) 2.7/2.85
Control Unit    
Type   MCI 360/MCI 70/MCI 360 Std
Mixer Unit  
Skid Optional
Mixer type   Pan/Twin shaft 1.00
Mixer driving power KW 37
Compacted fresh concrete 1
Dry filling 1.5
Max. grain size mm 45/63
Feeder Skip
Drive power KW 15
Medium speed m/s 0.5
Skipway m 8.2/8.6
Number of weighing cells pcs 4
Type of compressor   Reciprocating
System pressure bar 9
Volume of pressure vessle ltr 160/420
Cement weighing system
Weighing capacity Kg 700/750
No.of weighing cells units 3
Water Weighing System
Weighing capacity Kg 250/375
No.of weighing cells units 1/3
Aggregate Compartment Batcher
Capacity m³ Compartment 40
Number of chambers   4
Batching gates   5/4
Filling height m 4.95/5.16
Filling width per chamber m 3.2
Aggregate Inline Silo
Capacity m³ Inline silo 150
Number of chambers + 5x30
Batching gates units 10
Filling   shovel dozer / feeding conveyor available for all
Filling height m 6.5
Filling width per chamber m 3.16
Width of belt m 0.8
Minimum transport capacity 340
Weighing capacity Kg 2500

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