Horizontal Plant


Technical Data
Description Unit HN2.5
Capacity (compacted concrete with 30 s mixing time) m³/h 110
Pan mixer (filling/compacted concrete) -
Twin shaft mixer (filling/compacted concrete) 3.75/2.5
Concrete discharge height m 4.2
Height of mixer platform m 5.9
Aggregate weighing system (inline silo) kg 6250
Cement weighing system kg 1500
Water weighing system kg 800
Inline silo with capacity (5 bin) 150
Filling width of each bin m 3.16
Types of cement upto 2/6
Water connection DN 80
Operating pressure of water bar 3 to 4
Operating voltage V 415
Admissible voltage fluctuation % +/-10
Mains frequency Hz 50

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